Reporting Frozen Water Lines/Preparing for Water Emergencies

February 27, 2019
Alert Priority: 

In the event that your home has no water due to a suspected frozen water main, please assist the City by contacting the Department of Pubic Works and provide the following:

  • Name
  • House number 
  • Description of the issue
  • Contact Information


If you are a leasing your unit, please also call your landlord or maintenance person

Contact Public Works



The City is working to keep water lines open and may not be able to respond immediately due to a high volume of water main issues. 

Residents may wish to turn on their heat traces to prevent freezing to their service lines.  In the event of a water interruption residents may wish to shut off their water circulation pumps, however it is extremely important to ensure the pump is turned back on once the water is reinstated. 

Residents are reminded to be prepared for emergencies and should keep water jugs on hand with a few litres of water in a cool, dark location in the event of a water shutdown. In the event of a water shut down or freeze up, residents may fill their own jugs of water at the arenas during opening hours or at the fire hall.