Public Service Announcement Water Treatment Plant Return to Service – April 25

April 24, 2023

Public Service Announcement

Water Treatment Plant Return to Service – April 25


The City of Iqaluit Water Treatment Plant will be returning to service the morning of Tuesday, April 25. Starting at 8 am on April 25, all City of Iqaluit water customers are under a precautionary boil water order. This applies to both trucked and piped water customers.

Due to the high volume of water testing to be conducted, this precautionary boil water advisory could last as long as a week.

There are no expected changes to the quality of the water during the first two days of the changeover, while the current supply is gradually replaced by the treated water from the plant.

Following those two days, residents can expect gradual improvement in both the taste and clarity of the water coming from their taps, as the filtration system takes over.

There may be some brief periods when residents may notice more chlorine taste than normal. This is expected, as we adjust chlorine levels to keep in line with the water treatment process.

This is the time of year where we are waiting for the snow to melt and help replenish the reservoir. It is essential that residents make every effort and take steps to conserve water. Thank you for your patience as we return to normal, full, water treatment.

During a precautionary boil water advisory, the City recommends that all water for consumption is brought to a rolling boil for a minimum of one full minute.

It is recommended that all water be boiled for the following uses:

·             drinking;

·             preparing infant formulas;

·             preparing juices and ice cubes;

·             washing fruits and vegetables;

·             cooking; or

·             brushing of teeth.

Water can be boiled either in a pot or kettle on a stove or an electric kettle without an automatic shut-off.

The City of Iqaluit will release a Public Service Announcement when the precautionary boil water advisory is lifted.



For additional information, please contact:

Kent Driscoll Communications and Customer Service Manager 867-222-8502

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