Corporate Services

The department manages all the financial resources of the city on behalf of city council and follows the direction set by council. Corporate Services functions as a service department and provides support services to the other departments.

Payments for water and sewer services, taxes, land leases, licences and any other payments owed to the city can be made at City Hall during the week using Visa, MasterCard, Interac, cash or cheque.


  • Financial management and controls
  • Financial reporting to Iqaluit residents, territorial and federal governments, in order to exhibit the city's responsibility for public resources
  • Budget preparation, outlining operational requirements on an annual basis to determine the level of services to be afforded all users of the city's services
  • Debt management, to make certain that resources are leveraged at the best possible level
  • Taxation and billing for services provided throughout the City of Iqaluit
  • Cashier and collection services
  • Risk Management
  • Purchasing for the city including sealift, contracting and tendering
  • Land Lease Assessments Management 
  • Payroll and Benefits


Senior Director of Corporate Services 
phone: (867) 979-5675
fax: (867) 979-0866

phone: (867) 979-5610
fax: (867) 979-2528

Finance Officer, Land Lease and Property Tax
phone: (867) 979-5602
fax: (867) 979-0866

Finance Officer, Utilities
phone: (867) 979-5665
fax: (867) 979-0866

Senior Finance Officer, Accounts Payable 
phone: (867) 979-5609
fax: (867) 979-0866

Procurement Agent 
phone: (867) 979-5649
fax: (867) 979-8527

Materials Management Coordinator
phone: (867) 979-5649
fax: (867) 979-8527

Financial Budget Analyst
phone:(867) 979-5600
fax: (867) 979-0866

Vacant - Payroll and Benefits Officer
phone: (867) 975-8517
fax: (867) 979-0866

Vacant IT Systems Specialist 
phone:(867) 979-5600
fax: (867) 979-0866